Protection and hygiene concepts – Practical dispenser systems.

Amid the CoVid-19 pandemic and hygiene procedures that have now become a necessary fact of everyday life, ProLicht Werbung GmbH has developed an infection control and hygiene system for your entrance area featuring optional digital access control to your retail premises.

You have two models to choose from, each of which can be equipped with three different expansion modules.

The station is crafted from aluminium and comes coated with your choice of various (Standard RAL) colors.
Customised lettering with your logo is also an option.
Rollers on the bottom of the station allow you to easily move it to wherever you need it.

Why an infection control and hygiene station?

  • Enhanced feeling of safety for your customers
  • Free up your staff so they can tend to customers
  • Sleek and appealing design
  • Easy compliance with hygiene rules

Intelligent expansion

Combined with digital access restriction, the infection control and hygiene station becomes a fully-integrated system that greatly simplifies compliance with prevailing hygiene standards.
The digital customer counter uses sensor technology to detect persons who are entering or leaving your store. Once the maximum permitted number of persons has been reached in your retail premises, access is visually or acoustically blocked, and only allowed again once a customer has exited the store. The 14-inch screen enables you to monitor access, yet also to featured targeted customer advertising.

The intelligent expansion module is delivered with a standardised package for infection protection and where desired, it can include customer flow management.
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