Strong foundation

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-end signware, the ProLicht Group is also based on a solid financial foundation.

  • Finances – the existing equity of EUR 14 million and the high equity ratio of 52% underscore the solid financial standing of the corporate group.

  • Pre-financing of projects  Pre-financing of global projects, project-related material development and prototype engineering are easily possible.

As a partner for major signware projects, with our »facts and figures«, we also stand for continuity, change management and trust.

EUR 80 mill.




EUR 14 mill. / 52%

Equity / Equity Ratio



25,000 sqm

Production space

Certified quality standards

Certifications are the essential basis for the continuous improvement process of our technical services and work performance. The compliance and development of our quality standards, environmental protection and industrial safety are the yardsticks by which all processes must be measured. These are not merely words to us. With our certifications, we demonstrate our commitment in black-and-white. Here are the most important certifications:

  • SCC Dekra Certificate – Certified Area: Project management, sales, assembly and maintenance of illuminated advertising panels and illuminated advertising systems, as well as the completion of all tasks associated with the visual communication. (Download PDF document)

  • ISO 9001 Dekra Certificate – Certified Area: Project planning and manufacturing of exterior and interior advertising signs, along with their assembly and related services. (Download PDF document)

  • ISO 14001 – The certificate confirms that ProLicht Werbung GmbH has introduced and applied an environmental management system (DQS GmbH, IQ Net, environmental management system). (Download PDF document)

Compliance with local health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulations and initiatives is also binding for us. We have integrated this objective into our daily work in such a way that this safety culture creates the framework for a safe, healthy and accident-free work environment.

Prolicht develops and produces solutions for illuminated advertising and complex advertising installations – for your brand and corporate design – worldwide. In doing so, we rely on modern technological standards – with high individual commitment. Come and see for yourself. The future begins with the decisions we make today.

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