Our three European production locations (Germany, Poland and Hungary) are equipped with state-of-the-art plant and machinery with large capacities that can be flexibly adapted to the particular set of project parameters. Important performance characteristics in this respect include

  • Metallization – treatment process for three-dimensional plastic shapes

  • Thermoforming – with this technology, flat plastic materials can be transformed into three-dimensional shapes.

  • Stamping – our 2 Finnpower systems stamp any shapes computer-controlled (e.g. letters) out of aluminum.

  • 5-axis machining – computer-controlled precision systems, which among other things, mill out three-dimensional plastic objects and equip them with mounting holes.

Thanks to these technological framework conditions, we achieve 95% in-house production. The management and control of implementation is almost exclusively in our hands. With these production standards, we are leaders in Europe.

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One of two Finnpower systems for computer-controlled stamping any shapes out of aluminum.

Metallization systems for the treatment of three-dimensional plastic objects.

The two production systems for thermoforming plastic represent the largest capacity in one location – throughout Europe.

One of two systems for milling out three-dimensional plastic objects and equipping them with mounting holes.

Project management

Our project management arranges and coordinates the controlling of all tasks that need to be solved in the implementation of customer projects.

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Our portfolio of signware solutions for indoor and outdoor advertising (CD/CI implementations) of customers operating internationally.

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Installation + Maintenance

The signware solutions are installed and maintained by certified installation teams. This also guarantees the sustainability of the investment.

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Prolicht develops and produces solutions for illuminated advertising and complex advertising installations – for your brand and corporate design – worldwide. In doing so, we rely on modern technological standards – with high individual commitment. Come and see for yourself. The future begins with the decisions we make today.

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