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For the development and production of our international signware projects, in addition to state-of-the-art technologies, above all we need highly-motivated employees. They are the basis for our success today and our growth in the future.

The objective is to solve exciting tasks, in a multi-talented and dedicated team. In our company, you can expect strong opportunities for advancement and a family-like environment. This is underscored by many longstanding employees.

Arkadius Giesa

Technical Product Designer

»The design of innovative technical solutions, within the scope of our customers’ corporate identity, is an exciting responsibility.«

Arkadius Giesa has been with the company since 2004, working at ProLicht in the area of product development and the design of innovative technical signware solutions. For him, it is an exciting technical challenge to develop innovative signware solutions in the production team.

Lukas Pulawski

Project Manager

»Every day, managing European-wide projects brings new challenges. Nothing works without a high degree of individual responsibility. I like the challenge.«

Lukas Pulawski has been with the company since 2005. After completing his training as an Industrial Clerk, today, as a manager, he is responsible for the controlling and implementation of European-wide projects.

Current news

Are you in the market for a new challenge? As a leading supplier of high-quality signware solutions, we are constantly seeking qualified employees for our continuously growing team. This is what can offer you:

  • Exciting duties – the individual signware solutions for our customers are the basis for interesting duties with a high level of individual responsibility.

  • Multifaceted team – collaboration in a multifaceted team. As an owner-managed corporate group, we offer a family-like environment with strong opportunities for advancement.

  • International cooperation – our market is the world market. International cooperation in the implementation of signware solutions is an important foundation for the success of our company. Our employees have a large share in that success.

There is a big job to do. Are you interested in pitching in? Then you can find current job openings here for our headquarters in Hildesheim.

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Qualified training is an investment in your and our future! At our location in Hildesheim, we offer traineeships for five different disciplines.

  • Industrial clerk

  • Technical product designer

  • Sign and illuminated advertising producer

  • Specialist for warehouse logistics / warehouse clerk

  • Dual-track studies: Business Administration / Industrial Sales Representative

Do you have a success-oriented mindset, communication skills and a drive to achieve? You can learn everything else in our company!

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ProLicht develops and produces solutions for signage projects – worldwide. In doing so, we rely on modern technological standards – with high individual commitment. Come and see for yourself. The future begins with the decisions we make today.

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