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Each industry and the corporate design of each customer is special. As a worldwide full-solution provider for national and international signware projects, we deliver everything from a single source: from surveying, through building permits, product management, production and logistics, right down to installation and maintenance.


In the automotive sector, each manufacturer develops its products around a comprehensive brand identity. Product presentation, architecture, the sales floor – everything is organized according to perfect overall coordination.

  • Premium product + premium signware – in brand showcasing in the automotive market, there are many individual design details to observe, and a high degree of development goes into ensuring that the brand presentation is adapted to the overall automotive product.

  • Architectural integration – complete façade panels or portal solutions must be created precisely according to the structural requirements and integrated as an overall solution. Our in-house ProLicht structural engineers and architects guarantee the high requirements required by this level of coordination.

  • High-quality materials – in order to present the class and individuality of the relevant brand, we use specially develop materials (paints, coatings, plastics) among others. After all: Even the smallest detail is important in corporate design!

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Mineral oil

Today’s filling station market involves more than just selling fuel. Convenience concepts, attractive shop centers or even restaurant and coffee areas invite customers to linger – all perfectly presented and staged. As a partner of major oil companies, for over 25 years we have been helping respective brands in their overall promotion with our European-wide solutions.

  • Filling station concepts evolve over time – new concepts in the shop and convenience area also mean new and innovative requirements for the development of ProLicht signware solutions. Naturally, this occurs in an environmentally-friendly way with cost-efficient, flexibly deployed light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

  • Safety and documentation – With our SCC**certification, we guarantee compliance with industrial safety-relevant and environmental protection-compliant rules, which are the basic prerequisite for the implementation of CI/CD measures in this field. The same applies to compliance with mandatory documentation requirements in project implementation.

  • Maintenance / servicing – sustainable and environmentally-conscious signware solutions in the mineral oil industry are required to fulfill an extremely high quality and function guarantee, especially in terms of technical design. This also includes rapid response times for maintenance and servicing procedures.

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Whether it be large retail chains or brand-name convenience stores, small or large retail spaces, new stores or small retail shops –there is great diversity among signware solutions and functions in the retail realm. Absolutely decisive: Our flexibility and fast response time.

  • Ability to act quickly – adherence to construction schedules, trades and crafts tasks and opening deadlines. Our service culture and speed of response meet these challenges – every day in all our production and service departments.

  • Product portfolio – Depending upon the building complex, integration in overall concepts or entire shopping centers – the requirements for our product portfolio are myriad. They range from a stand-alone portal solution, right down to advertising elements for the overall design of a CI concept.

  • Hand-in-hand – Collaboration with architects, construction consultants, trades and crafts companies. Proper timing, good communication, a high level of customer service quality in all areas – this fosters trust.

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ProLicht develops and produces solutions for signage projects – worldwide. In doing so, we rely on modern technological standards – with high individual commitment. Come and see for yourself. The future begins with the decisions we make today.

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