Contract manufacturing for your production

The sophisticated challenges of high-quality signware solutions can only be met through modern technological standards and with high individual commitment. Our three European production locations (Germany, Poland and Hungary) are equipped with state-of-the-art plant and machinery with large capacities that can be flexibly adapted to the particular challenges.

With this know-how, the technological standards and production capacities at 3 locations, we are the leader in Europe. Major automobile manufacturers, filling station chains, banks, restaurant chains and retailers rely on this expertise. The same also applies to companies that use these opportunities for their own production in partnership cooperation.

Do you also need more production capacity? We would be happy to support you in partnership with our know-how and our modern machinery at 3 locations.

We look forward to your enquiry about contract manufacturing.

The advantages of contract manufacturing in partnership teamwork

The advantages of contract manufacturing are obvious for you as a client: more capacities for high order volumes, faster processing of orders, high flexibility, lower labour costs as well as lower energy costs. This involves the following key performance areas:

  • Fräsen

  • Lasern

  • Kanten

  • Tiefziehen

  • Metallisieren

  • Stanzen

  • Lackieren

  • Kanten & Walzen

  • Stahlbau

In the company video, you can join us on a virtual tour through the production world of high-quality signware solutions. Find out in six minutes why more and more, global brands trust in the competencies of ProLicht in the realization of CD/CI implementations.

Production and Finishing Machinery

What are the special features of the production and finishing machines, how comprehensive are the available capacities and what task do they fulfill in the production of ProLicht signware solutions?


Metallization is a treatment process that makes it possible to add a refined metallization effect to three-dimensional plastic shapes. The effect as similar to chrome gloss, for example, and looks very refined, without having to create elaborate or heavyweight metal constructions.

  • Capacity – with two systems, ProLicht offers the largest production capacity in one location – throughout Europe. As a result, we are capable of achieving the highest capacity requirements and providing the relevant building elements with the refined metallic effect.

  • Special features – during metallization of plastic shapes, it is possible to manage the application of effect layers (vapor deposition) in such a way that the chrome effect in its nighttime effect is designed either opaque (impervious to light) or translucent (allows light to pass through) – depending upon the desired or specified opacity/luminous intensity according to the specifications of our customers. The shapes are illuminated from the inside, retaining their three-dimensionality even in their nighttime effect in an illuminated state.

  • Materials Generally, the ProLicht metallization systems are used to metallize plastic surfaces, e.g. on logo elements. Other colors such as gold, for example, can also be realized with the systems.


Our systems automate the process of thermoforming, during which thermoforming-capable plastic sheets are formed (“drawn”) through heat and vacuum into the desired shape by means of a matrix. The molds are made of aluminum and other materials. With three thermoforming systems (e.g. GEISS T10), in terms of potential size of mold elements and production capacity, we are leaders in Europe.

  • Capacity – with two systems, ProLicht offers the largest production facility and production capacity in one location – throughout Europe. This enables us to thermoform high unit outputs in various sizes.

  • Processing dimensions and materials – with the systems, plastic materials can be processed in thicknesses up to 8 mm. Depending upon the machine, the sheet size is 2000 x 3000 mm or 3100 x 3100 mm. In addition to standard plastic materials, we are also able to manufacturer and process customer-specific sheets (colors and effects).

  • In-house production – The thermoforming systems are part of the production systems of ProLicht in the Ozimek/Poland plant, which means they can be directly accessed and flexibly deployed in production planning.

Production video

How does the metallization of three-dimensional plastic objects work? In our brief production video, you can experience it directly.

Production video

How does thermoforming of plastic materials work? In our brief production video, you can experience it directly.

FINN Power

With the FINN-Power systems at the Ozimek/Poland location, CNC-controlled components made of aluminum sheets and steel sheets can be produced for various signware solutions. The ProLicht facility is equipped with two systems (FINN-Power TP 2525 and FINN-Power X5).

  • Material sizes and thicknesses – aluminum sheets up to maximum thickness of 5 mm and steel sheets up to a maximum thickness of 2 mm can be processed. The potential sheet dimensions can be larger than 3000 mm.

  • Molds – from the sheet material used, a multitude of CNC -controlled shapes can be stamped (e.g. letters, geometric and abstract shapes)

  • Use – aluminum sheets are lightweight and easy to process. What’s more, they are corrosion-protected and weatherproof. In combination with plastic components, they lend the overall product good stability, while also providing a mounting surface for electrical installations.


The comprehensive range of milling machines is used in signware production to uniformly shape various component elements made of plastic, aluminum and wood or to create openings, for example, for brackets/fixtures. The milling machines are CNC-controlled. They can process various materials and use tools such as drills, circular saws etc. to produce building elements.

  • Milling machines – At our three European production facilities, we are equipped with two systems that can move the milling heads CNC-controlled over 5 axes. In addition, we have 11 systems with versatile multiple-axis milling machines.

  • Materials and processing dimensions – the machines can handle plastic, aluminum and wood objects. The potential processing dimensions are different for the individual systems, ranging up to 4000 mm x 3700 mm x 1300 mm.

  • Special features – among other applications, the 5-axis milling machines can also be used to mill custom molds for the thermoforming system, e.g. out of wood and special materials (e.g. Ureol), if small unit quantities are required. An economical solution to avoid high-overhead production of aluminum molds.

Production video

In our brief production video, you can directly experience how the FINNPOWER machine stamps a wide variety of CNC-controlled shapes out of an aluminum or ACP panel.

Production video

CNC-controlled milling using up to five axes is a sophisticated process. In our brief production video, you can experience it directly.

Aluminum processing

Aluminum is a key material in the production of modern signware solutions, as it offers high stability, while at the same time being lightweight and easy to process. With our CNC-controlled systems (press brakes, guillotine shears and aluminum rolling machines), the component elements of the respective signware solutions can be produced in high unit quantities.

  • Press brakes – with the three CNC-controlled press brakes (e.g. AMADA HFE MZ 1704), sheets can be bent and folded in certain angles. Material sizes from 4000 x 4100 mm can be processed, and accordingly, large component elements can be produced.

  • Guillotine shears  – The four systems (e.g. AMADA, DURMA, FASTI SCHODER) are deployed for cutting various sheets up to a maximum thickness of 6 mm and a length of 3000 mm.

  • Rolling machines – With the CNC-controlled rolling machines (FACCIN and KRAMER RSEU), aluminum sheets and ACP panels up to a length of 4500 mm are processed. The special feature with these machines is the ability to roll the sheets in particular radii. In particular, the new FACCIN can handle the bending of sheets with beveled edges without resulting in material deformations.


Computer-controlled intelligent warehousing is an essential basis for flexibility and reliability in production. All the production facilities of the ProLicht Group are equipped with large hall capacities for material storage. The warehousing material is pre-financed, thus representing a compelling argument for the reliability and sustainability of our work.

  • Maintenance and servicing agreements – With our warehousing, we ensure rapid response times and the implementation of customer-specific service agreements. 

  • Versatile material storage – Acrylic glass and various colors, polycarbonates in special sizes and colors, aluminum sheets – the required material diversity is vast. The material storage offers on-demand and intelligent management, in order to rapidly respond to production requirements.

  • Customer-specific warehousing – building elements specially developed for customers are used, in addition to standard materials. We also keep these in our inventory in order to quickly respond on demand.

Production video

The processing of aluminum component elements is also CNC-controlled. In our brief production video, you can experience it directly.

Production video

Intelligent warehousing is the key. In our brief production video, you can obtain a behind-the-scenes look.

Steel engineering

As a material, steel is always used where high structural stability is required or in various applications where it provides an economical alternative to other materials. For this purpose, we have established our own production facility in our Ozimek/Poland plant where these steel construction elements are produced. The products manufactured include the following objects:

  • Steel frames – e.g. frame constructions for major machinery and large-sized entrance portals in the special corporate design of the company and adapted to the architecture of the corporate facility.

  • Large tower units – e.g. triangular constructions to mount long-range corporate identity on a spun concrete pole up to 60 m high, which without a proper steel construction would not have any capability of holding up advertising elements (cloth panel advertising systems). Naturally, steel tower units can also be produced in-house.

  • Steel constructions – these are frequently required for structural reasons to allow advertising systems are façade designs to be mounted on buildings. Of course, ProLicht has its own structural engineers who calculate these requirements and specify subsequent measures.

Paint shop

Where paints are used in implementing a signware solution, five paint booths in various sizes and for various tasks are available at our European production facilities.

  • Paint booths – a total of four booths with sizes up to 7 x 4.5 meters.

  • Painting and drying of elements, with use of enamels. Drying with heat, max. up to 80°C. The time required for the drying procedure depends on the type of material.

  • Material – depending upon the task, a wide variety of components can be painted: Plastic shapes, aluminum parts, towers, steel supports, etc.

Production video

Steel is used where high stability is required. In our brief production video, you’ll receive an impression of steel engineering at ProLicht.

Production video

How is the painting of surface areas and shapes carried out? In our brief production video, you can experience it directly.

Laser systems

The ProLicht Group is equipped with 2 laser systems in its production facilities (e.g. from the Töller company with a high-performance laser of 3.5 kW). Laser processing is used in cases requiring high cutting qualities, in association with very low scoring formations on the cutting edges. An additional quality characteristic is the fact that there is no burr formation on the underside of the cut.

  • Plastic processing – the application of our laser technology allows for 3-axis plastic processing, e.g. of acrylic sheets up to a thickness of 20 mm.

  • Aluminum/steel/stainless steel processing  – laser technology is capable of processing hard metal materials with precision and a high cutting quality: Aluminum up to a max. 2.5 mm, stainless steel up to a maximum thickness of 3.0 mm or steel up to 15 mm.

  • 100% in-house production – with its existing capacity, the ProLicht Group is capable of 100% in-house implementation of all tasks that arise at its 3 facilities. This enables us to respond very flexibly and quickly to production requirements when implementing your signware solutions.

Production video

With our laser systems, different materials can be processed in various thicknesses. The production video provides you a brief impression.

ProLicht develops and produces solutions for signage projects – worldwide. In doing so, we rely on modern technological standards – with high individual commitment. Come and see for yourself. The future begins with the decisions we make today.

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